Residential Real Estate

Qianzhen residential building

Coordinating with corporate policy of land resource activation, CPDC plans the project of “CPDC Qianzhen residential building” on a 6890㎡ land which locate on the East side of CSC headquarter. It is a smart residential building with 29 stories upper ground and 5 stories underground. The project contains A,B,C,D 4 buildings, with total of 222 units on D,E buildings (approx. 132~165㎡/unit) and, total of 164 units on A,B buildings (approx. 264~297㎡/unit).

This is the first residential building development project in the multifunctional commerce and trade park; the exterior of the buildings is decorated with special aluminum plates, which appear in dark and light grey color alternation, echoes to that of the CSC headquarter. Besides the first floor high celling front lobby, all other areas are planned for public facilities, to create an affordable high quality living. The project began in Dec/2014, and is estimated to finish on the second half of the year 2018.