CPDC is a 100% subsidiary company of CSC, with core values of innovation, steady, and realistic operation. Positioned as a honest, professional and sustainable real estate development company, our vision is to provide ‘quality living’ real estate products.


Enterpreneurial approach
pursuit of innovation

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Operation Team

Chairman of the Board: Chao-Tung Wong
Vice President: Yi-Chih Hsu

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Organization Chart

Operating organization structure

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To apply for modification according to...


Currently applying for modification according to Kaohsiung Housing design and encourage rebate procedure, which then estimated to add balconies on A, B buildings and 2 more units on A building, after modification.


CPDC Qianzhen residential building...


CPDC Qianzhen residential building held the groundbreaking ceremony on 2014/Sep/16. CPDC chairman Mr. Hsiung Li and CSC chairman Mr. Jo-Chi Tsou, President Jyh-Yuh Sung, Executive vice president Horng-Nan Lin, representatives from enterprise union, chairmen and presidents of corporate subsidiary companies were presented at the scene. The ceremony took a simple but solemnly 30 minutes and ended successfully.


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Residential Real Estate


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Commercial Real Estate

Ikea is a Swedish business, and the world largest furniture retail chain corporate. The Ikea Kaohsiung store is the only retail location in Southern Taiwan.

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Reinvestment Business

Located on the 5F~10F of Wuchang Elite Spectrum, intersection of Wuchang St. and Kumming St., Ximending, Taipei. The amba Taipei Ximending has 3 major DNA: environmental, technology and creativity.

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百分百中鋼DNA 中鋼集團第一自建案


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