Reinvestment Business

Château Beach Resort, Kenting

Located on the Dawan area of Kenting National Park, the resort is the only leisure type hotel which situated right next to a beautiful shell beach. The resort has 293 guest rooms, spread throughout the Provence, Marbella and Positano halls. It offers diversity to tourists who enjoy sun, beach and ocean. This 5 star resort has many facilities including multination cuisine, coffee lounge, conference rooms, paternity pools and leisure equipment on the beach; so you can enjoy a Mediterranean holiday in Taiwan.

Kaohsiung Arena and Shopping

Located on the intersection of Bo’ Ai 2nd Rd. and Xinzhuang 1st Rd., Kaohsiung, the construction is divided into a Gymnasium, ancillary facilities of gymnasium and a shopping mall. Gymnasium and its ancillary facilities are contracted to operate by professional sports company, while the shopping mall is lease to Hai Lai group to operate a department store.

amba Tapiei Ximending

Located on the 5F~10F of Wuchang Elite Spectrum, intersection of Wuchang St. and Kumming St., Ximending, Taipei. The amba Taipei Ximending has 3 major DNA: environmental, technology and creativity. Contents 160 guest rooms, you can experience the conflict between modern and reminiscence. Downstairs is the Ximending pedestrian prescient, an unique place to enjoy Taiwanese snacks and artistic atmosphere. The hotel not only is popular among international tourists from Hong Kong, Macau and Japan, but also favored by Taiwanese tourists who enjoy the sense of reminiscence.